The history of Texas A&M University is one of America’s greatest stories. From humble beginnings, A&M has grown to become one of the world’s finest institutions. Aggies: The True Story of Texas A&M tells the history ‘of the school we think so grand.’

Narrated by music legend Lyle Lovett and made possible by The Association of Former Students, Aggies: The True Story of Texas A&M combines dozens of interviews with hundreds of photographs to create a spectacular telling of this amazing story. During the 1 hour and 20 minute video, you’ll see exclusive interviews with U.S. Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert M. Gates, Governor Rick Perry, Robert Earl Keen, Lyle Lovett, John Lindsey, Edd Hargett, and many more.


Texans dreamed of public higher education from the very beginning. Through funding from the Morrill Land Grand Act, Texas was able to fulfill that dream. The new school would be called on to teach agriculture, mechanical arts and military tactics.

The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas was born on October 4, 1876 with almost 50 cadets. It was the first public college in Texas. Placing the all-male school near the frontier railroad community of Bryan ensured the boys would learn to stick together in the remote environment.

Aggies: The True Story of Texas A&M tells the Aggie story from its beginning through modern day. From A&M’s early struggles through its eventual recognition as a top university, the epic story is filled with tales of courage, leadership and loyalty.

For over 130 years, Aggies have distinguished themselves time and time again by their commitment to excellence, integrity, leadership, selfless service, loyalty, and respect. These values are at the core of the men and women who call themselves Aggies.

Aggies: The True Story of Texas A&M chronicles the unique military history of Texas A&M. Aggies have served their country in every major conflict since the Spanish American War. Recognized for their outstanding service, Aggies have been called on time after time.

Through a deep commitment to meaningful traditions such as Aggie Muster and Silver Taps, Aggies remain loyal to one another. Many other traditions have measured the school’s long history, including Bonfire, The Big Event, and Fish Camp.

Aggies: The True Story of Texas A&M tells the history of Texas A&M, a story of men and women committed to one another and to and a legacy of excellence in leadership. Often funny and always entertaining, you will learn things about Texas A&M you never knew. You will come to realize the origin of the Aggie Spirit and find out why it lives in each of a special group of people known as: